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Thread: Weird cpu load but solved now.

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    After using the computer for several hours surfing the web, using explorer and accessing shared data over the lan etc the explorer.exe suddenly rize to about 97-100% of cpu power, you can understand how slooow the comp gets, more or less wortless until I reboot and then it's fine a few hours again..

    I've had this issue with XP PRO with two P4's and one Amd xp that I built. However since I started using the sp1 after every installation this has never occured again. Anyone ever experienced it? Seems like I'm alone with this experince.. If it's solved by sp1 then it must been some bug, but if it were a bug then how come no others ever even heard of it..:?:

    I always have proper auto updated virus protection etc on my systems..
    Norton 2002 pro ever since it came out..

    And yes, thx god i love service pack1..


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    I have had that problem, but it was only after having 40+ internet explorer windows open... but a few min after i got done with them, the cpu usage dropped back to normal.

    No idea, that only happened once. :shrug:

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