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Thread: windows speed tweeks

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    :hammer: Being new to this forum and not knowing if someone has asked this before, I pose this question......... Doing some research and surfing the net, I came across an ad for all the secrets of windows speed tweeks. It was written by a person named "Daniel Sanderson" and is titled "Double the speed of your PC". The question is this: Has anybody tried these speed tweeks? If so do they work? I guess what I really want to know is this: Are these secrets really worth the Price that he is asking?
    The page can be viewed at: would certainly appreceiate any feedback. Thank you.:cheers:

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    All of this information is available by consulting one free source:

    Websites such as TweakTown also freely offer this information.

    The site you linked, from what I can tell, hints at Overclocking, and utilizing third party programs designed to optimize your system.

    Maybe for $39.95 He'll send you all the information in a nice package. And, since I'll never pay for it, I'll never know if his version is worth it. All I'm saying: Even a few minutes of searching and reading may get you much further than buying anything off that website.

    You may also want to read up on PersianImmortal's WinXP Tweak guides. They contain links to programs that do much of this for you.

    Hope this helped.
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    Default my favorite free windows tweak guide..

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    In spending literally weeks esearching the tweaks for my two XP guides on TweakTown I looked into every possible performance tweak for XP. Believe me when I say I have all of the working performance tweaks in my 2 XP guides. That includes 3rd party apps like Regcleaner, Cacheman, Winoptimizer etc.

    Anything else is just rubbish. People trying to scam the relatively inexperienced. Ironically the best 3rd party apps are the free ones, which as I said I already include in my guides. You'll find some others looking on forums like this.

    Never, I repeat never pay for advice like this when it's readily available everywhere :)

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