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Thread: System restore tab disappeared

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    I just did a fresh install of WinXP Pro, and there is no system restore tab under system. Is there a registry setting to enable/disable the tab? I don't want to disable system restore from within the registry, so figuring out how to get my tab to appear would help.

    System restore is eating up about 1.5gb on my drives. How do I reclaim this lost disk space? Is there a file or directory I need to delete once I disable system restore?

    WinXP Pro

    Yes I've tweaked it, so it is possible I might have gotten rid of the system restore tab without realizing it. I extremely careful though so I doubt it. :) Besides I don't remember the tab even being there in the first place when I did this install of XP. yes I'm logged in as system admin.

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    the prob is u tweaked it!!

    so it depends on the tweaking software that u used, u know some software suck, it will break ur computer by some unknowable tweak, so my perspective is go back to the software and find out what u did caused the "system restore" disabled or just simply go to use another software that could let u restroe it all... like "Tweak-XP Pro" and "Ashampoo WinOptimizer Suite" without quote

    System restore is eating up about 1.5gb on my drives. How do I reclaim this lost disk space? Is there a file or directory I need to delete once I disable system restore?

    this question i still looking for the answer, i really need to know either... hope someone can answer that!! :laugh:
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    System restore resides in a hidden folder in all volumes unless deactivated. It's a folder called "System Volume Information" on the drive. Try clearing the contents of the folder... Sometimes it says it's not accessible, if it is, change the permissions on the folder to include administrators and then delete its contents...

    Hope this works...
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    OK just to clear things up - all Windows XP versions have System Restore enabled by default. Now if you've tweaked your system you have probably turned off the System Restore service.

    Go to Start>Run and type "Services.msc" (without quotes), then find System Restore and set it to automatic. Also run the Group Editor (Start>Run and type "GPedit.msc") and go to Computer Configuration\Administrative Templates\System\System Restore\(Set both items under here to Disabled).

    Obviously if you do want to disable system restore you'll let these tweaks stand.

    Now if you want to keep System Restore, but want to get rid of all the wasted space from older system restore points, go to Start>Run and type "cleanmgr" (without quotes). Under the More Options tab select the bottom button to clear out older restore points and reclaim some disk space.

    Don't attempt to go into your system volume information folder and delete stuff, it's protected for a reason.

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