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Thread: Multi Boot XP, imaged partition not wrking?

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    Hiya all, first post BTW. Great site, loved the XP tweaking guide.

    I went through and did most of the tweaks, and have a system that is running very nicely. My room mate and I share a PC, and rather than putting up with Xupiter and all the other BS he loads all the time, I figured I'd install the system to 2 partitions and use a boot manager to switch between the two.

    I imaged my install with Norton Ghost 2003, and used the image to write the second partition. If I hide partition one and boot into partition 2, windows loads but gives me "Windows is having problems activating the this copy of Windows" or some such and won't go to the desktop. If I don't hide the other partition, of course MY C: drive shows up when in his system. (It does boot fine that way, tho... system on D: and my C: drive hanging there waiting for him to FUBAR.

    These are all legit licensed software. Is my only way out to actually reinstall to Part 2, and redo the 5 billion tweaks and tons of cleanup I've done on yet another partition?

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    Im not too sure about your problem, but I can help you simplfy all that re-tweaking if you ever need to reinstall windows. What I do is while I am doing all the tweaks, I export the key that I am tweaking, and save all the exports in 1 main folder. After a re-install, I can just run those reg files and the tweaks are done:)

    In order to save space I opened up all the exported reg files in notepad and deleted everything exept the stuff I changed. Obviously this can only be done with registry tweaks and I still highly recommend making backups of your registry before applying any tweaks. Hope thats helpful for you in the future.

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    Perhaps you might want to take a look at System Commander 7.05 from v-communications V-COM WEBSITE That program is a God send. You can literally boot from that CD and do re-partitioning, etc and not mess up your data. You can boot into separate Windows partitions to try different settings, etc. Same OS, different OS, mix and match.

    all on one computer and one hard drive. Make sure it's a big one if you choose a lot of Operating Systems. *S*
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