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Thread: Support questions for a book

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    Your computer is playing up and you don;t know why??
    simple solution just head over the and run the full system tests. It will tell you if there are any problems and how to fix it.

    Want to get a little extra speed??
    make sure you de-frag every so often and run the system clean up utitlity under system tools:thumb:
    Want a quicker start up??
    click on start and then run and type in "msconfig" without the quotes ofcourse. Then head to the startup tab and get rid of programs you don't need to start your computer with.

    Well that'll do for now. but i will post in the future as i would love a copy of that book:thumb:
    What the fcuk happened to my sig?

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    I want to thank each and every one of you for your input. I especially want to thank Mr. Tweak for permission.

    To answer specific questions about my focus.

    If you have ever picked up a tech support book (PC Repair for dummies, A+ guide, etc) you would understand that those books do not give you the information you need. For instance, I pick up a book and read over it and usually say "What? who wrote this book? somebody who doesn't know what they are doing!" or I say "man, somebody copied all the help files from that program". So I am designing a new style book. It will start off by talking about different types of problems you encounter and it will talk about your possibilities of support. It will then go into how to purchase a pc... since most people do not actually buy what they need but they buy what they THINK will last for a long time (for instance they buy a Compaq desktop with no expantion slots and then they buy a scsi card or something and find they do not have any extra ports in their pc). Then I will have a question/answer section in which I want to put all the responces that I have received. For specific items to talk about, if you want, you can tell what you would look for if you were to buy a new pc. What you should do if you encounter problems (should you purchase help or should you help yourself)...

    well I hope I have answered your questions..

    thanks again,

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