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Thread: Support questions for a book

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    I am writing a book about tech support. I would really like the input of each and everyone. I would like to know what problems you have had or have heard in regards to windows, office, the internet, or internet browsers. Basically I need to know stuff like "My computer keeps freezing up, I get a GPF everytime I boot. What can I do? Then give me what answers you have heard or if you know the best way to fix it, give me that answer.

    Now here is the cool part... in turn for letting me post here, I will be including the tweaktown forum in my book as a place where everybody is welcome to come for help. I will also be sending a copy of the book to the administrators of this site so they can know they were published. I will also make sure the person who post the most amount of question/answers will also be mentioned in this book and will receive a copy as well.

    So I hope each and everyone of you can help me out... and I thank you for everything in advance...

    Best Regards,

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    Note to Admins and Mods: Firewalker has permission for this.
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    Note to Tweak and Firewalker: Where do we begin? :)

    I'm all for your project, and wish you the best of luck. However, tech support is very hard to put in a book, as there are so many things that could go wrong and so many places to start looking. If you compiled all the tech support in the forums here alone, you'd have a huge resource, but most of it wouldn't be relevant to a lot of people.

    As a suggestion, if you want some user input, then give some definite topics, and people can then suggest common problems in doing so and how to resolve them.

    Example: If you have a PC Building section, then people can bring up things like how the floppy light will stay on if the cable is in backwards, or how the system might not boot first go because of ..... or what beep codes mean what. You tell us exactly what you want, and people can answer.

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    more specific topics and questions would definitely help a good bit....but is it really necessary to start the same topic 3 times? :confused:
    I've gone too far and need to move on!

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    But do we really need 3 threads on the same topic? :confused:

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    You've just put in some more ram ,but when you start your computer you get a long beep or black screen.

    answer: The ram isn't seated propaly so take it out, line it up again and re-sit it by pushing equally on both sides until the ram is seated firmly:thumb:
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    Hi there and I applaud the task you're undertaking. I tried a similar thing on a smaller scale for my XP Guides, the 2nd XP Guide in particular. I recommend you go through that guide (and my first XP Guide) and see the types of things I was trying to address.

    Based on emails I get and questions I see on forums, the common problems (as phrased by the people asking them):

    - My computer freezes and the sound keeps looping, or simply My computer freezes (graphics card overclocking/overheating, faulty drivers or need to reinstall drivers).
    - My hard drive is slow/makes a lot of noise/works a lot (need to install latest mobo drivers, highest UDMA mode in BIOS and Windows, correct cache/virtual mem sizes).
    - My programs crash back to the desktop (memory problems)
    - My games pause for several seconds at a time or I get "stuttering" (poor hard drive cache size, not enabling UDMA, not enough RAM, poor game settings for VRAM/RAM size)
    - I get Blue screen xxxxxxxxx (resolutions vary but MS Knowledgebase is a good place to start).
    - My sound is crackling/popping (usually Creative cards on VIA chipsets - use G.Breese's Soundblaster patch, latency patch etc.)
    - My IRQs are shared, how do I reassign IRQs? (very complex and solution involves a lot of steps. Can't just "reassign" IRQs in Windows)
    - How do I change my desktop colors/pictures (customizing themes)
    - Which OS is fastest for Games
    - How do I overclock? How far can I overclock?

    The list goes on and on. As I said I really recommend you look through my 2nd XP Guide for both the questions and the full solutions. Obviously I don't want the guide plagiarised but it will give you an idea of the common questions and answers :o

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    Try to diagnose the problem with the number of BEEP sound you hear at POST. Here are few expected problems:

    1 beep => Normal Boot
    2/3/4 beeps => Ensure that RAM sticks are properly seated. If you have more than one RAM module, try inserting them one-at-a-time.
    5 beeps => Make sure that all the cards are properly seated.
    6 beeps => There is a problem with the keyboard controller, ask for a replacement motherboard.
    7 beeps => Your CPU is faulty. You will need to contact your system vendor.
    8 beeps => Your video card is not working. Also, ensure that all the cards are properly seated in mother board. Try changing positions of the PCI cards and RAM modules, since the slots might be damaged. If this does not help, try a replacement card.
    9 beeps => Your BIOS is bad and will need to be replaced.
    10 beeps => A CMOS problem. You will need to get a replacement for your motherboard
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    2 long, one short = video card

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    As some other posters have hinted, what is your target audience?Without that focal point, as much as TT people try to help you, :) , I think you'll have a hard time. Just check Amazon's site for XP info. I still can't decide which book to buy.:confused: The best to you.:)

    <edit> Just realized this, 90% of online people do not participate in these types of help forums, and don't know or care about them, so maybe you have found a niche. Good Luck. :)

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