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Thread: stop error on startup in win XP

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    For awhile now, I've been getting stop error 0x00000024 (NTFS_FILE_SYSTEM) during startup of Windows XP Home Edition. In the past I was able to fix it by starting in Safe Mode and restoring a previous configuration, but now it has become a recurring problem and gotten worse to boot.

    My brother recently installed Black Hawk Down (not sure if this is the cause of the current worse condition), played it, noticed a program icon for it mysteriously appeared on the desktop, clicked on it, and the computer crashed.

    I can't start in Safe Mode, can't start up with a previous configuration, and after fooling around with the bios a little bit can't choose an option from the boot menu that would allow me to choose Safe Mode, a previous configuration, or to start normally (now the highlight on the menu doesn't move when I hit the arrow keys).

    Searching the Microsoft Knowledge Base, I've only found articles for Windows NT (which I'm not using), and solutions that require me to get into Windows (which I can't).

    Please tell me I don't have to wipe my HDD and reinstall Windows?

    My configuration:

    mobo: Epox 8K3A+
    HDD: 2 Western Digital 80GB drives, one with Windows installed and the other currently used as extra storage for music/video files (both drives are almost half full)
    OS: Win XP Home Edition
    Processor: Athlon XP 2100+
    Memory: 512 MB PC2700
    Keyboard/Mouse: Logitech Cordless Elite Combo
    Graphics Card: MSI GeForce 4 ti4200
    Sound Card: SoundBlaster Audigy XGame

    I'll be very grateful if someone can help.

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    If your windows media has sp1 integrated into it, u can do a repair of the OS. it will re-install damaged parts and retain all your info.

    did u have antivirus?

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    Thanks. How do I know if I have sp1? As to antivirus, I have Trend PC-cillen.

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    Go to Start, Control Panel, System. The first screen should tell you your system OS . If you have sp1 installed it will be listed. If you don't see sp1 here then you don't have it installed.

    Here is an explanation for the Stop Error , hope it helps!!

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    You don't need to get into Safe Mode and you don't necessarily need SP1.

    What you need to do is follow the instructions here to get into Recovery Console and do a repair.

    If that fails, it could be that your NTFS partition is too corrupted, especially if the security descriptors are corrupted. In which case a clean reformat and reinstall is the best option.

    However first try the recovery console method.

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