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Thread: Windows Explorer Hogging CPU Resources

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    Windows XP SP1
    AMD2100+ 512 DDR333 RAM
    Motherboard ASUS A7V333-X
    HDs 180GB IBM Deskstar 8MB Cache + 120GB Western Digital 8MB Cache both HD at 7200 RPM

    Can somebody tell me what settings do I set my Windows XP to get an optimal usage for a system which has a lot of video files? I get two problems 1) My CPU resources are hogged by Windows Explorer and 2) the RAM at 512 does not appear to be enough sometimes and I keep using PF virtual memory which slows the machine down to a crawl.

    I have a lot of huge video files on my system such as DivX movies and everytime I turn on Windows explorer and go to the file folders which has these huge files my CPU resources for Windows explorer goes through the roof sometimes up to 100% of the CPU not allowing me to do anything else. A large file folder for example could have 50 movies of 700 MB each. If I use the task manager to cancel explorer and start up again, it seems ok for awhile but if i leave explorer open to a folder with huge video files it slow eats up all the CPU resources again. This is frustrating.

    Occasionally I also run out of memory although I was told 512MB of RAM was enough and I have to use Virtual PF memory. Are my system settings wrong, i.e. how much I allocate for virtual memory for a system that has lots of large files or will getting more RAM resolve my problem?

    Any help in how to tweak my settings will help and also where do I change the in XP since I am relatively new to XP will help thanks!

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    you should follow these two guides by our very good mod PI

    WinXP Tweaking: From Reformat to Relax
    WinXP Tweaking: From Relax to Righteous!

    you will surely experience a performace enhancement.
    if it is still not upto your mark...then we will try to find out a bottle neck :cheers:
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    Thanks. Let me check these out and if I'm still having trouble I'll come back

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