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Thread: xp disk problems etc.,

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    Can anyone help me please. I bought a new puter with xp
    home on it.
    What I didn't know was that they only installed what
    they call an oem xp.
    So whenever any major thing goes wrong I am supposed to
    take it back to the tech & pay for it to be sorted out.
    Well i wasn't paying out all that money for the heap of
    problems that have occurred in xp.
    So i borrowed an xp pro disk from a friend &
    installed that after a format of h.d.
    Worked fine but now they say i need to install sp1 or later-
    but after i d/l microsoft says my copy is not aregistered
    one & cannot install.
    Any ideas as to what i can do now short of paying for
    another xp disk.

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    U should be able to get a copy of the media from the place that sold u the computer as they are supposed to give u one with your licence. If they won't give u one, call microsoft and see if they will do anything about it for u.

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    this is absolutely weird.
    firstly u went to an illegal copy from OEM version cos u didn't want to pay for the support and now you want the support?
    great thinking!
    you would have been able to install SP1 pretty easily if u were on OEM rather than this illegal copy.

    we usually don't discuss such topics in here but i m just giving u sometime to get things sorted out. i feel VinnieVen is right. you should go to your dealer and ask for a recovery disk and this time go legal.

    anything more...i.e. how to install that SP1 on a pirated copy will not be discussed in here.
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    Firstly,i did keep taking the puter back to the tech.& had to keep paying heaps to get the s/ware sorted out. Only the first return was in the warranty.
    I am sure the original install of the xp was a big mess causing me heaps of problems that i should have been able to fix myself but couldn't.
    I did get the sp1 upgrade & it made everything worse.
    The company i bought the puter from "vanished" & i was stuck with a no working puter.
    btw I did pay for the original oem install it was added to the cost of the puter.
    The disk from a friend was a brand new disk not a copy so I don't beleive it was illegal.
    Anyhow don't bother about me sorry i diturbed this forum.

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    All right, lets see if we can straighten this mess out...

    While you will find that our forums will go above and beyond to help folks take care of their problems, you can also see that our members take a strong stance against piracy. And lets face it, unless this friend gave you a full retail Windows XP Pro with an unused license included, then you are indeed guilty of installing an illegal copy of Windows XP onto your system. Its all about the licensing my friend.

    I can't help you in your quest for a recovery disk, but hopefully you can learn something from this mess (as we all do from time to time). ANYTIME you purchase a computer from ANY vendor, you should insist on at least a recovery disk and preferably a full OS installation disk instead. If they don't want to work with you in this manner then take your money elsewhere... period. There are scads of other vendors who will be more than happy to work with you in this endeavor.

    I am truly sorry about your misfortune, but you have been taken advantage of. I only hope that you will learn from it. :(
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    So, you're from Aussie mate. Well if you have a previous version of Windows and you're an academic, you can get Windows XP Pro Upgrade Academic for $189 Aussie at Software City. Or you could try the Computer Trader.

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