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Thread: Keygen

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    This topic has been popping up on different web sites (the register, beta news)
    Looks like someone has figured out how to circumvent the product activation on XP... as far as I can figure you run this program which tries a number of keys till it finds those that work. (seems to take from several hours to overnight). Now lets see how redmond retaliates... wonder if they can tell through windows update?

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    THis been around for a while, not only have ppl found ways to generate activation codes, some ppl have managed to remove the whole activation thing all together...

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    actually, XP Activation cracks have been around for a while...the cdkey generator hasn't...its only just new...looks like this has screwed microsoft right up the wall....serves em right, they shouldn't have bought on so much publicity about their new activation process that will stop pretty much just got all crackers onto it!! :shoot2:
    At the request of wiggo ;)

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    No talking about cracks please - this site can get into a lot of trouble because of that.
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