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Thread: omg! wtf? popup hell in XP !!?

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    from the moment XP was installed (about 4 hours ago:) including the SP1 etc. I have been subjected to a barrage of popup spam!

    please help! thanks.


    updater i am n00 to XP, XP is a brand new clean install on my box (about 4 hours) I haven't surfed anywhere yet, I have never seen anything remotely like the amount of this **** I am seeing now - whadidowrong?

    thanks in advance ;]

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    Is it a browser window that opens up or something more along the lines of the small window that comes up with an error message? If the former, then you will want to start over again from scratch on the system. But if it is the smaller window that is plaguing you, then you are being hit with a NET SEND command.

    Here is a copy paste that I have had on file for some time now about this topic and also ways to disable it. My apologies for not remembering the site in which I found this gem. If you know, please let me know and I can make sure to give them proper credit when I use it again.

    Here ya go:

    The sad thing is, most anyone can do it. Net Send is a simple messaging service within Windows operating systems. Using such a feature requires no skill, and now those *CpOrUiGcHks* are doing it to those with constant connections, like Broadband users. Net Send is commonly used by WAN/LAN administrators to notify users. This simply pops up a screen on users' machines, displaying a message from the admin. Now, spam-prick-advertisers are using this feature.

    Well, I've personally received two of these dang Net Send ads from some dang flower company. It's quite the annoying little popup, too. Net Send popups remain on the top of any windows applications, and don't go away until you click OK. Of course, it's lotsa fun to use at work for sending a message to your buddy, who may be 40 floors away.

    C:\net send IP ADDRESS "your message here"

    C:\net send "Hey Frank, STOP SEARCHING PORN! :)"

    You can also send Net Send messages by user name if the WAN/LAN is setup to allow user names.

    Nevertheless, it's a tool. It's not enough to stuff tons of 'crap' in our emails, advertisers seem to need to make our lives more miserable.

    Putting a Stop to all this?

    You bet! Two ways to stop Net Send from reaching your computer:

    1. Router
    Routers are cheap, and provide the best protection against hackers and other miscellaneous intruders. They provide a 'hardware' firewall, allowing you to stay behind protection and enjoying your internet pleasures, whatever they may be. While your IP address can still be seen, routers simply put a stop at this point--you can be seen, but can't be touched.

    2. Disabling the Messenger Service

    Windows NT/2000/XP default to Messenger services enabled. To disable, do the following:

    Click on START and then select Control Panel
    Now click on Services
    Within the Services, look for Messenger
    Double click on Messenger
    Bring down the Startup type: selection
    Choose disable
    restart the system

    Disabling the Messenger service will completely stop any messages coming from anyone/anywhere. However, I don't recommend doing this in a business running TCP/IP on the network, as Administrators only use this as a notification tool, and printers running within the network use this feature as well, to notify users of printer errors.

    I highly recommend home users with broadband disable this feature to put a stop to this abuse. If advertisers know people are blocking Net Send, maybe we can all sleep a bit better.
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    There are no popups by default in WinXP + SP1 ever, so someone has sent it to you, or you've installed something which does it.

    Do a clean reformat (full NTFS reformat), and reinstall of only Windows XP from the CD, then SP1, DX9.0a and drivers, then go through my WinXP Tweak Guide. Note that I include the Messenger=disable tweak in the Services section as this is usually the cause of the problem.

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