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Thread: can't remove!

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    Man I have been with this forever. Just after a clean format my wife does something I come to the computer and have a **** load of icon's on my desktop which are basically advertisments. Then a little toolbar up in the cornor for the web. I get most of that cleared or at least I think I did. I've ran ad-aware 6 trying to get what's there but now it wont pick up anything unless which is basically most of the time a cookie from

    When that comes up is when I enter something wrong and it brings you to the page where it says not avalible or not correct refreash what not, well that brings me to that page but I have a search engine on there and it's from that damn site.

    I deleated some active x controls that I know I didnt install just found the winactive thing for the tool bar and got rid of that but there is still something there that ad aware wont pick up.

    So dont know if anyone has had this problem or has read on how to fix it but I would really appreciate the help.

    Thanks in advanced.

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    Only thing I'm certain of is you've got the dreaded "LOP"
    A Google search brings up quite a bit.
    that's the URL for Spybot Search & Destroy which may help, seems there are a few versions of Lop out there.

    As for manual removal, I haven't tracked down a sure-fire method.

    try using the uninstall feature?
    look in the ad/remove programs dialouge for possibly "Ultimate Browser Enhancer" -- or several other known names it can go by.

    Here's just one of several pages I found with manual removal instruction

    As I say, there are a few variants of this malware, so best of luck to you.

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    To attempt manual removal, get Regcleaner. Under the Software tab look for entries relating to this app and remove them. Also under the Options>Uninstall menu select "Show all software" then look under the Uninstall Menu tab for any suspicious software and uninstall it.

    Ultimately something like Adaware (with latest plugin) and Spybot should do a better job.

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