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Thread: Regedit Question

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    I was wondering where I could find my XP cd key in my registry with regedit. Google hasn't been much help unfortunently (Which is kinda scary, cause it seams to Always know what your lookoing for...)
    Reason I'm asking is that some futcher at a lan stole my cd and everything (Guess I shouldnt bring so much stuff to Lans) and if anything goes wrong I want to get my key incase I am ever forced to format

    Any help would rock tha mic

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    I've gone too far and need to move on!

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    I am going out on a limb and providing this link;

    use it only for good, young padewan
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    Even if someone "stole your CD", the XP Key is on a sticker on a the manual which comes with your box. Unless you take your WinXP box with you to LANS (If you say you do I say that's rubbish), I think this is a misleading thread.

    Even then, how can you reinstall if you don't have the CD? Buy another copy with which you'll get another CD Key.

    Thread closed.

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