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Thread: Changing Start Button Color and using PatchXP

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    A few months ago I installed PatchXP, then used resource hacker to change the start button color. Everything worked fine.

    A few days ago a warning window popped up saying a file had been corrupted, and to insert the Service Pack 1 CD to reinstall the corrupted file. Well, I didn't have a CD, so I just ran the download of SP1 again.

    It made a couple changes to my computer, including changing the start button back to green. This made sense to me because it probably deleted the changes that PatchXP made. Today I decided to change the start button color again. I "patched" the computer again with PatchXP. This time, however, it didn't work at all. In fact, it doesn't appear that the "Unpatch" option on the program is working either, because when I do a search to see if the .dll's were indeed patched, the .dll's do show up, even after I supposedly unpatch it.

    Any thoughts?

    Edit: To be more clear, I changed the start button color by making a copy of Luna, and renaming the copy to something else (so I have the original intact). I then used Resource Hacker to go into the copy and change bitmap of the button. To get the Display Properties to recognize the new theme, however, I had to install PatchXP. Once installed, when I went to Display Properties ---> Appearance, in the first drop down menu, instead of 2 choices (Classic or Win XP), I would have 3 choices. The 3rd choice was the copy of luna with the changed start button. I would click on that and, voila, I would have a new start button.

    However, now I can't get the drop down menu in Display Properties ---> Appearance to give me the 3rd choice with the changed start button as an option anymore. After reinstalling SP1, it seems as if PatchXP no longer works.

    Does anybody have any experience with PatchXP or themes, or changing the start button color as I described?

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    are you sure that you applied the correct patch? there are different patches for installs without SP1 and with SP1.
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    What about downloading Windowblinds 4.0, then downloading the Nvidia theme. Then you can have a lot of green!
    Its a pretty nice theme.
    On TTown's homepage there is a reference to it about 1/2 down.
    You can find either through google.

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    Quote Originally Posted by asklepios
    are you sure that you applied the correct patch? there are different patches for installs without SP1 and with SP1.
    Yeah, I definitely used the right one...I have XP Pro SP1, and not only does my downloaded PatchXP patch say SP1, but it's the exact same patch I used before. I didn't need to redownload it because I had it saved on my computer. However, since it didn't work I thought the patch might be corrupted, so I downloaded it again, and again it failed.

    I'm starting to have other problems right now, so I may reformat. If that's the case, then I suppose it'll work properly. Oh well...I guess a reformat every now and then isn't the end of the world, as long as I save all my info.

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