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Thread: XP Pro takes 5 mins. to boot up!!!

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    I got that nasty MS Blaster Worm that was going around. Cleaned it off my PC (via Symantec fix). Downloaded all the latest critical updates from Microsoft. Now my machine takes an eternity to start up. It hangs between the XP Pro splash screen and the blue Welcome screen. It's just black for a few minutes before it kicks in.
    I have Norton and did a scan and don't appear to have any viruses. Also ran Ad-Aware and Bootvis.exe.

    I'm also running Zonelarm Pro firewall and a usb cable modem

    I had a look at Event Viewer and the only thing coming up as an error is 'TrueVector Internet Monitor Failed to initialise' a couple of times, which I think has something to do with my Zonealarm Firewall?
    Perhaps I should completely uninstall Zonealarm and see if it makes a difference?
    I wonder if I should uninstall the critical updates from MS I d/loaded all at once last week (about 12 of them!)and re-download one at a time??
    I had a look at the Startup tab in MSCONFIG and there doesn't seem to be anything new there either.
    Any help appreciated.

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    I think True vector belongs to Norton. My pc also takes a long time to boot when norton is active. But only about 20 seconds longer.
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