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Thread: User accounts?

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    o.k. here it is. I have win xp pro and want my desktop icons to be hidden from my sons user account. I am set up as admin and he is set up as user. when I log on as me and delete/hide the icons they are gone on his desktop and when i hide them on his desktop they are gone on mine.

    what i really want to do is this.

    example: if i log on as me i want to see everything and have access to everything.

    when i log on to him all i want to see or have access to are his games and programs. i dont want him to be able to go into control panel ao "all programs" and get access to or see anything else.

    does anyone have a link or know how to do this?

    do i need to partition my hd and send his logon and programs to a seprate partition?
    would sending these to a seprate partition help?
    would my internet security still work on both partitions without having to install it on his partition?

    Hope this helps

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    If it is just the icons you're worried about, then you can adjust where they are loaded to. If you browse to C:\Documents and Settings, you will find folders there for your account, your son's account and another called "All Users". Any icons you want to be global, put them under the All Users folder. Then you can remove icons from the son's account that you don't want him to have access to, but be warned that he can still browse through My Computer and access these things unless you use the file security within WinXP to take away his privileges to access these areas.
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