Thanks to Cellar_Dweller for the Info: have release their newest version of their XP-Tweak Guide that works for both Windows 2000 and XP! and includes tweaks for Internet, Miscellaneous, System Performance and User Interface into a single easy-to-use centralized helpfile.. and has quite a bit of information in it.


Added new section: Hardware Tweaks.
-Added 1 Manual in the Manuals section.
-Added 30 new various tweaks (See section last added Tweaks).

These are the new tweaks:

Open Internet Explorer in Fullscreen
Disable Shared Documents
Renaming Recycle Bin
Show or Hide the Status Bar
Change Browser Toolbar Background in the Internet Explorer Tweaks section
Create a Keyboard Shortcut for a Program in Windows XP in the Desktop Tweaks section
Restore Windows Protected Files in the File System Tweaks section
Activate the Firewall in Windows XP
Set Permissions for Shared Files and Folders in the Security Tweaks section
Installation Windows XP on a 32GIG + FAT32 Hard drive
XP Style Hacker
Command line switches for Internet Explorer
Change the Driver Signing Options in the Hardware Tweaks section
Disable the Recycle Bin Properties Option
DirectX Diagnostics and System Information
Programs run with RunAS
Auto Delete Temporary Folder
W32-Blaster Worm Removal Tool
How to remove the W32-Blaster Worm in the Troubleshooting Tweaks section.
Clear the Google Search History in the Internet Tweaks section
Change the Group Policy Refresh Interval
Change TCP/IP Connection Retry
Optimize TCP/IP Traffic (My note - only useful for WinNT4)
Changing the listening Port on Remote Desktop
Enable Hidden 5th Security Zone in Internet Explorer 6
Registry Mechanic
Emco Remote Shutdown
Change Text on XP Start Button
Change owner and organization in System Properties
How to remove the for testing purposes only after installing SP2
Monitoring Microsoft Windows XP/2000/2003 with MRTG in the Manuals section.