The are reporting that a Microsoft word document has found it's way on to the world wide web! this isn't just any old document as the title says this is the Hands-On manual from the lab for Windows 64-bit Editions.

All lab exercises will be executed inside a Connectix Virtual Machine (VM). You will find NO labs, exercises or tools installed directly on the Windows XP machine that is running in front of you. Some pieces of the labs are installed on the AMD64 machine. AMD64 describes AMD’s family of 64-bit processors, which has previously been referred to as “x86-64” and “Hammer,” including the currently available AMD Opteron™ processor, for servers and workstations, and the coming AMD Athlon™ 64 processor, for desktops and notebooks. You will be directed to the AMD64 machine appropriately. You will need to start up the VM as described below in order to execute the Labs. The VM contains a full Windows Server 2003 installation, plus Visual Studio 2003 and the latest Platform SDK build. All necessary software is already installed inside the VM for your convenience.

Windows 64-bit Editions Hands-On Lab Manual :mad: