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Thread: XP Home activation? (NOT WAREZ)

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    Okay, finally i have a legal operating dad bought XP home the other day to install on the family computer, but since my brother wouldnt get off it and i just got a new hard drive and i needed to install an OS but my PRO cd was scratched, i did.....and i activated it..... I know that MS wants to rape every household by only allowing one PC to be installed with the OS unless you buy more licences and stuff, but come on.....i activated in my computer and now i cant activate it on the computer it was meant for? my dad will have a fit if the computer he bought it for freezes up after the 30 days.....
    We paid 200 bucks for XP, i think that i should be able to use it on my computer too.....and even if i have to find alternative means of getting the PRO edition, how am i going to activate it on this computer? will my computer not work if i call this computer in?
    Does anyone have any advice? PM me if its advice thats.....well.....yeah..
    I just dont think its fair......i paid for it but can only use it on one computer.....ugh!

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    Your Dad is gonna be pissed......


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    hahaha lets just hope not lol

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    I had a similar problem with XP Home. I tried using key gens, and programs that said they would get ride of the activiation but they didn't work. So I decided to call microsoft, and activate windows by phoning a microsoft representative. I told them that I had reformatted my drive, and installed some additional hardware, and they gave me a number to punch in. (In fact it was a completely diferent computer.) I put the number in and it activated windows. So both the computers are running active copies of xp, using the same cd-key. This was with home edition, but I would assume that it works with pro. Just make sure to tell them that you updated your hardware. Use these links to find out more.

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    Welcome to the world of the legitimate. You bought one licence, you can use it on one machine. End of story.

    EDIT: Nice post Sparkle :thumb:. I can close this one properly now.

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