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Thread: Windows Update query

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    At my work there's about 100 computers, all running Windows XP and based on a Novell network. We've got a relatively low bandwidth network connection, so I don't really want them all going to Windows Update and each downloading a copy of the update files and clogging up the connection.

    Does anyone know of either a way to serve Windows Update patches from a local machine, or a command line parameter that can be used to make patches unattended (so I can stick them in a login script and know that they will be installed and the user won't just cancel it)?

    I had a look at SUS from Microsoft, but that requires a Win 2000 / 2003 Server, which I haven't got...

    Any ideas would be appreciated.

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    I'm sure it's not the most practicle idea; but you could download the updates individually and burn them to CD and install them from there

    or if it is only your Net connection that has low bandwidth, and not the LAN... you could place the updates in a network share and install from there.

    i know it's not the best idea, but it could work :)
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    But that still requires me to go around to each and every computer and install the updates... I can easily put them onto a network drive and share them, but if I try install via login scripts, then when someone logs in they will get a window up, and who knows what will happen then... :( That's why a unattended / hidden install of the patches would be nice. I would simply upload them to the server, change the script and I'd be set.

    Or, better still, get another form of server that the machines look to for an auto update and do it that way.

    It's just that with the amount of patches that have been coming out lately, I want to keep things up to date without having to walk around the whole building every couple days.. It just wastes too much time.

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