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Thread: Problems accessing the internet with win98

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    I have a win98 machine that wasn't having any problems accessing the internet. I went into msconfig, and unchecked some items because I have about 30 things loading up with my computer. Now, I can't access the internet on that machine. However, I am still getting an IP address from my ISP.

    I can ping, and my own IP address issued by my ISP. But I can't ping outside IP addresses. My computer is hooked directly to my modem... ie not behind a router.

    I tried rechecking everything in msconfig, and restarting but it did not solve the problem. I'm setup with DHCP.

    Does anyone have any comments as to why I can no longer access the internet, and any suggestions as to how I can fix the problem?

    Thanks ahead.

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    do you have a firewall? if yes which one?
    did you try turning all those things back on, one by one to see which one effects ur internet access?
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    are you using a broadband connection? if so go into internet options and make sure that 'never dial a connection' is punched. have you tried pinging to sites like both by name and ip address? if you can ping by ip address but not by url that means that your dns cache is corrupt and you will need to rebuild your tcp/ip stack. if that doesn't work you would have to reload the os(only for dns problem). what were the items you unchecked in msconfig and did you mess with the boot.ini or win.ini files?

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