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Thread: Transferring xp onto new HDD

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    I'm in the process of building a new computer based on the following:

    MSI K7N2G-L M/B
    XP 2600 (333)
    120 GB Maxtor HDD 7200 ATA 133
    512 RAM (333)
    Liteon DVD RW

    My current system is:
    PCChips 810L v7.1
    1300 Duron
    40 GD Seagate 5400 ATA100
    256 RAM (PC100)
    CD RW

    My O/S is XP Pro.

    Is there any way I can transfer the contents of the 40GB HDD to the new 120 GB HDD, including the installed O/S XP Pro?

    I ask this because I am aware that if I just put the 40GB HDD straight into the new machine XP will realise its a different machine and will not load up. Will the XP file transfer wizard deal with this issue or is there someelse I could do?

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    you will need to reinstall windows xp because your current install will have drivers specific to your current system on it

    try installing xp on the new drive then using the old drive as the slave boot of the nbewdrive and copy over any files you want to transfer

    it may alsobe agood idea to partition your new drive approximately 10gb for windows and then the rest for programs and files so that if you need to reinstall in the future you wont lose your files
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    Reinstallin' XP is the only way to go as even uninstallin' all the current drivers b4 doin' the swap doesn't always work well.

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