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Thread: Invalid Syntax error ????

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    thomson1968 Guest


    I'am getting an error "Invalid syntax error" when iam trying to access certain web pages that I should be able to access no problem as I have done for years before....
    The message in the page is the usual "the page cannot be displayed" blah blah blah, thingy...
    Most other page's seem to work ok....

    Does anyone have any Idea's about this type of problem ????


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    The "Invalid Syntax Error" is an age old code from way back when DOS commands were used (and likely even before that, but I'm familiar with that era of error codes). This error was caused by using a DOS command was incorrectly or by usinf invalid switches to the commands.

    Unless you're experiencing some sort of internal database errors, I'm not sure where your problem will lie. But if you're accessing other web pages fine, then I'd look into the page getting errors with a fine toothed comb.
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    thomson1968 Guest


    Darth,,,,In other words your saying its more than likley that there is a problem with the web page ?


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