tweakui2k won't hold the scroll-by-3-lines setting
applies to any document longer than the window it's open in

i just reinstalled everything from the ground up after a nasty crash with the registry - long story

anyway, i renamed \documents and settings to \docs, \program files to \progs, deleted \winnt (or what was left of it) and deleted the nt files under each user

reinstalled 2k, updated to sp4, renamed the folders back to what they were, reinstalled most apps (some i got away with not having to reinstall :) ), installed tweakui2k, and all seems perfectly fine

(btw, did these moving/renaming under ERD Commander)

reinstalled MS Zone files so i can play a game online (midtown madness2)

everything looking fine, i can still scroll by 3 lines

THEN, i go to install officeXP, and while it's working i go to look for a file

all of a sudden it's scrolling by ONE DAMN LINE
no matter what i do, it won't hold that setting
i can change it, but it won't stay there

after some checking, i have now noticed that anytime i join the lobby for the game

this is the shortcut on the page that launches it: javascript:RaiseLobby('zmid2_xx_x06','game=<Mid town2>dll=<ZoneCore.dll,ZoneClient.dll>da tafile=<Midtown2.dll,LobbyRes.dll,CommonRes.dll >','','San Francisco Treat','MIDTOWN2',false)

tweakui2k loses the 3lines setting, and it's back to one line
i can change it to 3, but if i leave that lobby and re-enter, it's back to one line

editing the registry itself to change all instances of the scroll wheel has no lasting effect either

and, this is still odd, because i had this problem before the crash, and before i started playing this game online though that link

the previous time i had this problem of not holding the setting, i had installed a french to english translator in MS Word - at least that was the last thing i remember changing - and it went to scroll-by-one-line

as far as hardware, you might ask? don't, it's definetly not hardware related and my stuff is PLENTY fast to handle anything thrown at it
yes, i have tried other mice, yes i have updated all mouse drivers
all drivers in the system are updated, all M$ updates are installed, all software updates for all currently installed apps are installed

:shrug: :shrug: