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Thread: SP1a

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    Where can i download a copy of the win xp home/xp pro - SP1a that DOESNT require you to access the web

    I used to have a copy and it never required access to the web for the files

    is this something new>? (a way for MS to check your computer manybe?)

    I have looked over the MS site and finding it has been impossible

    thank you for your help
    Starship Warrior

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    You mean you're after one that doesn't just download the installer, but the whole thing?

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    125 MEGS... The whole nine yards of SP1a
    What the... ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by starshipwarrior
    (a way for MS to check your computer manybe?)
    are you worried about M$ checking your computer? :devil:

    all that small download is, is to check to see what components (updates) you have previously installed and downloads whatever you need to complete sp1a

    where as the one linked above is considered a network install, for those people that only want to download that mess once for future installs or for slipstreamed CDs
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    Thank you for your help guys - in the past when Win XP first came out they didnt check for your components - you just downloaded the file SP1

    again thank you for clearing that up and yes I dont think its any business of MS that they have to know what components I have
    my two cents
    starship warrior

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