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Thread: Can't get DOS proggy to run under WinXP PRO

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    Have a friend that has a DOS program that he needs to run on his new computer (running WinXP Pro).

    I couldn't get this DOS proggy to run on his new computer, so I decided to look at the autoexec.bat file on his old system and found these 6 lines that 's needed to run the program (i'm assuming):

    set userno=1
    if exist c:\temp\*.tmp del c:\temp\*.tmp
    if exist c:\vr\*.tmp del c:\vr\*.tmp
    if exist c:\*.tmp del c:\*.tmp
    if exist c:\*.chk del c:\*.chk
    if exist c:\vr\*.on del c:\vr\*.on

    How can i add these lines to the shortcut I've placed on his desktop?

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    Those lines aren't really going to affect anything. Simple thing is, XP was not designed to still run DOS programs. There's a couple ways you can go about it:

    - Make a DOS boot disk, and run the program when you boot from that. You won't have XP running in the background though.

    - Take a look at some of the DOS emulators around, and see if they work. If the program doesn't require too much in the way of hardware support (sound card / CD-ROM), then it should be fairly easy to get working.

    - If possible, see if there's an upgrade to the program. Sure, you gotta pay for it, but it's gonna save a lot of hassle.

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