Ok, so basically I'd been lazy the last few months and haven't ran windows update since I got SP1. I just got DSL so i decided to hit up the update and grab everything I could. I downloaded and installed it all. Now I have problems.

First of all it reset most of my tweaks, giving me back a log on screen and other annoying crap, but thats fixable. The problem is I am no longer able to use any other internet services other then web surfing. I have Verizon DSL through a Netgear RP614v2 Router. My box is hooked right up to the router through a linksys NIC. My network has been running smoothly with no problems, but since the update no other service can connect. AIM cant reach a service and I tried runnning the wizard and it couldnt get an open port. BF1942, America's Army, and Halo all cant get to their master list servers, and Kazaa won't connect. So I redid all my Router options, and even set my box out in the open as a DMZ server, and it didnt work. I turned off Zone Alarm and nothing. I even made sure Windows Firewall didnt get activated and it wasnt. So If anyone could help me out I'd greatly appreciate it. I have XP Pro on a homegrown box if that helps. Thank you very much.