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Thread: Just did a WinXP fresh install, and it won't recognize my al

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    Ok, so here's the deal. I have two hard drives:
    C - Windows, Drivers, Tweaking Files, etc.
    D - Programs, Games, etc.

    I did this so that if I ever needed to do a fresh install of WinXP, I wouldn't have to reload all of my data and applications that are on my D drive.

    I recently reloaded WinXP, and now whenever I click on the .exe file of my games (on D), Windows acts as if it's never seen the game before, and gives me the "Install" option instead of the "Play" option.

    I'm guessing that somewhere in my registry are keys that tell windows what programs are loaded where, and WinXP is missing these right now. Am I correct? If so, what section of my registry should I save so that I don't have to reinstall all my games after every fresh coat of WinXP? Or should I just copy my registry completely so that I don't ever have to do a post-WinXP load tweak session?
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    When you reinstalled you lost all those registry entries. Make a ghost on CD-RWs when your happy with setup. You'll have to reinstall everything again. Sorry.

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    You are correct in asuming that the registry is the source of your problems.

    It is best to just reinstall the game but if you wish to tweak the registry (and accept the risk that you may screw up your computer) it is possible to move the settings over.

    I do not recommend that you copy the whole registry because that brings over a bunch of junk that you dont need.

    Most of the data for the Games you want are subkeys of HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\. Just export the key for the game you want, save it do a disk and import it after you reinstall.
    However some programs disperse settings througout the registry, for example file type assocation settings. This means that while you may be able to get a game to run you still may be missing some settings.

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