offamychain first of all it seems to be a real misunderstanding. please read your first post once again (with a cool head) and you will understand as to what we all are trying to say here. the impression your post gives is that someone is trying to do something that (as you said), belongs to a warez site.
yes you have been a member with us for quite sometime now but i hope you understand that we can not keep every user's posts in our memory. it is simply not possible.
every user is important to TT so deleting your account is not at all our idea but you would agree that what happened to TT especially to windows forums a few months back was really frustrating. we were getting every other poster asking for keys/cracks and ways to apply them. the last resort we had was to take up some stern actions and we expect our long term users, like you, to stand besides us in this endeavor. if you came in the firing line this time then i m personally sorry for all of it.
as far as giving respect to our members is concerned, we would love to have some ideas/suggestions from your side on how to handle this situation in our Publication Discussion forum.
:cheers: : peace2:
P S The question about using the CD still stays.