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Thread: Does anyone knows what this error mssg means??

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    LOL!!! imagine if 10 of those 16 PC's are browsing at thesame time, No not even 10 lets say 5.
    Dial up is about 50kbps (assuming your using thesame speed as mine) divide that into 5 is equal to 10kbps.
    Isn't that slow?? I'm sorry I'm not being boasful or arsehole here yah? Im just curious on whats gonna happen if all of them are browsing at thesame time.
    Or maybe wiggo's doing some "hokus fokus" a some kind of magic and made their connection fast. If so i might just cancel my broadband and do what wiggo's doing. Hehe! thats handy.

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    the majority of those machines don't browse. The just submit WUs now and again. :)

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    Yep only up to 5 browse at any one time and as Beff said the rest just swap out SETI w/u's when required.

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    thats the link to Windows Update Catalog site that will allow you to download all those updates and save them in a safe place (a CD may be). so next time when you format, the first thing you can do after your install is update from the CD. no need to download them again.
    i find having updates on a CD handy rather than downloading them again. :)
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    Thanks a heap for that link's definitely a Jewel:cool:
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