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Thread: deleting windows registry domains

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    I found in my registry all the urls blah like 100's some are sex sites & dialers can I remove these?

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    Probably, but make sure to make a backup copy of your registry as it is now in case you mess something up. Something a bit better would be to look into some of the registry cleaners that are available. They have gotten pretty good and can safely remove a vast majority of the junk residing there.
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    Where exactly do these domains come from?

    Is this a part of the Security zones established in Internet Explorer? Are they related to entries from installed applications such as spyware? Recent Documents entries?

    There's a lot of places these entries could have been generated and for numerous reasons. I can't help but wonder, is deleting the individual entries containing the URL going to be the correct answer? Perhaps it would be better to investigate and determine WHAT these entries are doing there and what purpose they serve.

    Could be they are actually working on your behalf -- or, they may be an indication of a larger problem than the entries themselves.

    It depends entirely upon where they are, how they got there and what purpose they serve?

    You might want to do some serious investigation BEFORE you start wantonly zapping registry entries - in fact, I'd definitely reccomend doing so.
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