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Thread: need help removing a virus

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    ok, i got a bad virus it seems like. it corrupted half the execution files on my computer so now hardly any of my programs work. i didnt have my virus software installed when i got this virus(i had just reformatted), so that was another issue. i cant install programs now either. but somehow, i was able to somewhat disable the virus by moving it into another folder since it wont let me delete it. the virus itself is listed as a new malware_pe trojan. according to mcaffee's site....there is no listed cure. like, for this virus, it gives the definition, but no solution. the virus was named system32.exe on my computer and had a .tmp file to accomodate it as well. everytime i startup my computer it give me an error in regards to not being able to locate system32.exe. so i checked my msconfig and it wasnt even listed under that anymore. so i went into my startup for my user name on xp and alas, nothing their as well. maybe its a registry code i need to look for? i duno, plz help me out. i would really like to repair some of these files this virus has corrupted. any insights or advice/tips/tricks would be extremely helpful. thanks!

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    if the popular AV sites don't have a solution listed, I doubt there is much we can do to help you.

    However, if you just formated recently and don't have much to lose, then I'd suggest you just delete the partitions and start over. If you do that, also run 'format /mbr' more than once to make sure it didn't get into the boot sector
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    you didn't mention the name of the virus. that could have given us a bit of head start.
    btw if you plan on installing again then don't forget that fdisk is a must.
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    Formate and reinstall best regards oldi

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    Seems to me you have 2 different events here.
    1 - a virus which is corrupting files and 2 - a trojan.
    probably not a coincidence either.

    I'd reccomend heading on over to the URL below;

    After you get things straightened out one way or another;
    Get AVG Free version, you'll be happy you did.

    If it makes you feel more comfortable, go spend money on AV software -- doggone unlikely that you'll get any better protection than AVG has to offer though.
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