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Thread: XP booting question..

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    ok, i have windows xp pro, well you know when it gets to the screen where it says windows xp and theres a little blue bar that scrolls aross bout 5 times. well mine use to start up real quick, i counted and it only scrolled 5 times. well lately it does that, the screen flashes and it starts doing it again but longer. so now the boot up takes longer than it should. is that because theres more on my hard drive or what..and now a virtual memory pops up saying my virtual mem is low..i remember bout a year ago on my dell it did that cause i put windows on 2 times but other than that i dont know why its doing it..anybody know why its doing it?

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    Sounds like a bunch of issues lumped together causing this. You haven't provided any system specs, but I assume you have a relatively low amount of RAM? Say 256MB? In any case go through my WinXP Tweaking: Reformat to Relax guide from start to finish to set everything up correctly. It will resolve your bootup problems and will provide recommendations on how much virtual memory you should set, etc.

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