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Thread: XP Pro DirectX incompatible??

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    Well, I just installed XP Pro, and I have DX8.1 from my video card drivers, and when I go to install 9.0b, it says that it is incompatible with my version of windows??? Also, when I try to do windows update for the service packs, and the patches, it doesn't find any updates??? Whats wrong with my XP Professional???

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    you should follow PI's guide and fix Windows Update issues
    most probably that will take care of the DirectX thing too.
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    Default might want to try downloading it from the official DirectX website rather than through Windows Update.

    And on the subject on Windows Update errors, I'm somewhat peeved at Microsoft right now. The bug's been going on for awhile, and while it's easy to fix, Microsoft has yet to do anything about it.

    Let's just hope they don't become as bas as Ubi Soft. ;)
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    Just a side note - there's two versions of DirectX. One for the older 9x operating systems, and one for the NT/2K/XP series. Just make sure you're trying to install the right one.

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