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Thread: Random crashes in windows xp pro

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    My parent's computer keeps randomly crashing.

    The machine's specs are
    Intel Pentium 3 1.0GHz
    256 PC-133 SDRAM
    70 GIG 7200 hard drive.

    I don't know much about it, because it's not mine.

    I evaluated the situation once already, i checked xp's logs and decided it was the video card hench, the driver crashed, so i updated them, Continues to crash, so i removed the video card. whcih is a ATI RADEON VE (7000?). I installed SP1, and some other updates. Installed Diskeeper ([email protected] Defrag application) Defragged Ultra heavily fragmented hard drive.. and Now they are using there onbaord video, and there are still crashes.
    and there cpu runs at about 125 f

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    Details on the mobo like make and model would help plus whether the mobo has a BIOS version compatible with XP. Also 125F (about 54C) is very hot for a PIII so when was the last time that it had the dust bunnies cleaned out of it?

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    Well see the stock hsf combo, the clip broke while switiching motherboards. I would think the bios is compatible with xp, because i use to have xp pro running on my old intel pentium 2 333Mhz. But the cheap (temporary) hsf i put on it, had it runnint at 145f and i told them not to leave it on, unless they were using it. Because i don't want the core to fry and Me get into trouble. So they went to RadioShack(hobo's) and bought a HSF there.. it didn't come with thermal grease, but had a little pad type thing that like helped glue the core to the hsf. The motherboard is a Abit SL6. I've looked at the Bios updates, but i think they have all of those. Windows displays a blue screen with the info, but the computer just instantly restarts before you can grab a chance to read it. I want to get there computer 100% fixed, so they won't have any doubhts on technology.

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    go to your system properties in control panel and from there to advanced tab.
    in this tab click on "Startup and Recovery". Under "System Failure", uncheck all the boxes and in the combo box, chose "none"
    click ok and restart.
    now it will show you the BSOD. write down the error and post it here.
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    I'll have to get to it, i need some one to remind me when they get home, so i don't intrude.

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