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Thread: inititiation problem in XP

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    Chkdsk won't scan for viruses or anything, it scans for errors on the drive. It probably won't help you. What I would would do is open up taskman (press ctrl + alt + delete) and find any offending processes. That might be a little to hard in this case so you can just end explorer.exe and click file, new task, and type in explorer.exe. I am not really familiar with this particular virus (no viruses I couldn't deal with here in years:)) so that might not help at all. Knowing that error message would be helpful. End that process too when you start up if it's causing problems. You should also try disabling startup processes through msconfig (taskman, file, new task, msconfig). Again, I'm not familiar with this particular virus, but unless it infects a very important system file (like Explorer), it can be stopped without the use of the recovery installation. But if this seems to hard use that. It won't delete your files. You might have to reinstall a bunch of programs, but it won't delete files for the most part. And by the way, deleting the Symantec folder in the registry probably wasn't enough. Symantec programs through a bunch of different values in the registry. Just use my msconfig method to disabe whatever program it is you use from starting when you get into Windows. And again, please give more information on the error message.

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    thanks guys for all your effort. but its ok now.. what i did is, i plug inn a second HDD and copy all the files i wanted (actually almost all of them) then run the recovery CD. hehehe!

    once again... thanks guys for your effort.

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