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Thread: Most Important Apps for XP

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    What are some of the must-have applications for Windows XP. I am most interested in downloadable ones off of the internet. I am talking about maintenance, theme-related, pop-up blocking apps, benchmarks, utilities, misc. What are some of the best ones out there and where should I get them? Thank you.

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    Firebird (internet borwser, open source)
    Thunderbird (email client, open source)
    Diskeeper Lite
    AVG (AntiVirus, freeware)
    Sygate or ZoneAlarm
    Gaim or Trillian
    Gimp (open source photoshop)
    FileZilla (FTP server or client, open source)
    7-zip (file archiver, supports most popular formats, open source)
    foobar2000 (audio player, open source)

    that's just a few that i can't live without
    I've gone too far and need to move on!

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    most people should only use one app - :)

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    AnalogX has a lot of free software covering many catagories.

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    thank-y gents.

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    Cacheman (frees RAM and allows changing settigns that would otherwise require the Registry Editor to change
    Ad-aware (spyware removal program, I have also head good things about Spybot, but Adaware does well for me)
    Zone Alarm (just being redundant, great firewall program, free and I actually like it much more than software firewalls I have tried)
    [email protected] set to [email protected] (wait a minute....)
    WinRAR (shareware but it supports more formats than 7-zip, if you need it to)
    Photoshop (kind of unrelated to maintenance but...)
    And I can't stress enough that you should use
    over say, MS Office XP. It supports many more formats, is just as easy to use if not easier, and doesn't make ctfmon.exe startup with Windows and eat up resources (it can be disabled, but it's annoying).
    An alternative to RegCleaner is RegSupreme (searches for RegCleaner usually give pages on RegSupreme, I'm not sure if they're made by the same company or what). RegSupreme is much easier to use than RegCleaner if you don't know what your doing in there, and I generally recommend it to my less registry-friendly friends over RegCleaner. But again, 30-day shareware, although there are probably ways (legal ones) around paying for it.
    I've heard good things about AVG, I personally use Symantec AntiVirus Corporate Edition (much different than Norton Personal AntiVirus). But unless you work at a company that uses it, forget that idea :).
    If you need a CD burning program, Nero, Alcohol, Clone CD (actually I think they stooped making Clonce CD due to legal issues).
    I seem to have stopped recommending freeware so go to and go wild if it's freeware you want.
    Which reminds me:
    Legacy Engine (doom series engine for Win32 and new hardware)
    Basilisk II (Macintosh emulator)
    Sequoia View (great for figuring out what you need to delete)
    CPUZ (gives info about your hardware, but does it's faster and easier than similar programs)

    Nice to see some of minibubba's favorite freeware. Wouldn't mind seeing Mr. C's though...

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