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Thread: Best defragmentation software?

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    What do you think is the best defragmentation software out?
    I know of two, PerfectDisk 6 and then there is the Executive Software's Diskeeper. I have evaluated both, but haven't decided on either one.. And the thought that there is a better one out there... is just terrible.

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    Hello , I use O&O defrag and other utilities . I am not sure but they have a good set of tools that works well for me . :cheers:
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    Diskeeper 8

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    Diskeeper Lite :D

    it's strickly manual (no set and forget), but it's free
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    Well from my experience.. Perfect Disk Takes a longer time, But reorganizes files.. So it supposvely takes longer for them to become fragmented. I've never heard of O&O.

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    Diskeeper Lite worked great for me for years. pretty nice support cuzz I lost my cd while moving and the e mailed a fresh unlocked copy. Nice ! All of that and it keeps my drives healthy,,
    Go buy Diskeeper and set it to run once a day if you use the machine every day and then like they said, Forgetaboutit !

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    Well i purchased Diskeeper 8, and it works great. But I think smartdisk is in more detail. But both work great. I think Diskeeper is more of a network/corporate setting, while perfect Disk.. is for home or office.

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