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Thread: loading too slow

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    Hello, I have a Dell computer, with 2.6 GHz, 512 DDR Ram memory........before when I used to click on the user name on the log on screen, it would go to my desktop right away. Now it says loading personal settings and stays like that for like a minute and a half then it goes to the desktop. I got rid of all the programs that I don't need. I went to Msconfig and took out all the things that I don't need from the startup.....and I also used Spybot to get rid of any spywares. On top of that I did the disk defragment and ran the virus scan. But still no luck. Can you guys please help me out. Thank You

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    Well another look at msconfig might help but....

    Going through the XP tweaking guides by Persian Immortal. But chances are you downloaded something that's causing this. What virus scan did you run? Spybot should do it, but empty your cookies (Internet Explorer, Tools, internet options, delete cookies) anyway. Go to C:\Windows\Downloaded Program Files (might be WINNT instead of Windows). You should be able to uninstall anything that's in there safely. You can also go to Add\Remove Programs (in Control Panel) and look for something that doesn't belong.

    One other possibility is you have unplugged some piece of harware and it's pissing Windows off. I have found a few situations where unplugging simple hardware like a microphone can cause problems like this.

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    It sounds like you've done the basic things like looking for startup programs and removing spyware. The problem seems to be that Windows is waiting to detect a piece of hardware (like a network card for example) which it either takes a while to detect, or doesn't exist on your system anymore.

    Go to my first XP guide and use Bootvis to look at what it's waiting for by doing a trace, then use Bootvis again to optimize your bootup.

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