I want to enable write caching on disk. In the first tweak it says this"Enable Write Caching on the disk". These options may not be available if you are using a Serial ATA (SATA) or SCSI hard drive." I am not using either!! But if I right click on the drive go to properties, click hardware properties, it says Maxtor 6 y120p0 SCSI disk display properties. In the device maneger it also shows Maxtor 6 y120p0 SCSI. I do have two 120 gig Maxtor dimand plus 9's one is slaved the other is master on IDE cables, no raid. Could it be a BIOS issue? It is a Albatron board. Can I uninstall them and let window pic them back up on boot? Could be the trouble with my first post about the long windows XP screen. Thanks again Jeff B