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Thread: programs running in XP's task manager, how many do you have

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    27 is my minimum.
    I've looked over some guides telling whats what but could never make heads or tails out of it!
    XP2100+ "B" @ 2.2GHz (11.0 x 200, 1.7v) & Coolmaster Aero 7+
    ASUS A7N8X dlx with AMD h/s + fan mounted on n/b and passive on s/b
    X-Micro Ti4200 218mb
    512mb Geil PC3200 (400 MHz) single channel
    Dell 21"
    Enermex 710b case with 4 TMD case fans
    and the usual running gear......

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    AMD XP 2600+
    SOYO Dragon 400
    1 gig 3200 DDR
    Phillips CD/RW
    Pioneer DVD -/+ RW
    2-60 gig HD in RAID, 1 60 gig backup
    XP Pro

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    27 at startup is a large number. Read this page of my first XP Guide to identify and alter your startup programs.

    When I open Task Manager after booting up, I have 17 Processes running (including Tasmgr.exe which is the Task Manager itself). This adds up to a total of ~78MB Commit Charge (RAM usage).

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    You may have more proccesses if you have antivirus software installed or something like that. I have 18, 3 are from cacheman and Symantec AV corp. If you have lots of programs starting up that will add to the list. If you don't have many, the proccesses are from services that you don't need. Go through Persian Immortals guide like he said. But note you may have problems if you use XP filesharing over a LAN. Otherwise you should do exactly what it says.

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