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Thread: wiping hard drives

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    The bios(Basic input output system) Should look like a ye-old dos program with Options like Cmos setup, chipset features...etc


    The way you would go about getting into your bios is this: restart your comptuer When you computer Posts(power on self test) you should see in the Uper right or lower portion of you screen a message that says for example hit the del key to enter setup(Bios). However since I don't think that you even know which key this is repeatedly hit the del,F1,f10, or if you have a Dell like me(F2), until you sucessfuly hit the right key to enter you bios screen. It differs from motherboard to motherboard, but you will only be sure unless you guess as mentioned above or refer to you computers documentation.

    Then when you sucessfully do this you should see an option to change the Boot sequence. It depends on which bios you have, but if this option is not present it might be in Advanced setup, or another Revelant menu. You'll want it to look for the Cd-rom first, since you want your computer look to the Cd-rom first for a bootable data(Windows Cd)

    To avoid any undo headaches :omg: find out wich motherboard you have go to their website then find a manual for you Bios. 8)

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    well im going to try plus i have a
    Sony VAIO PCV-RX670 Desktop (1.8-GHz Pentium 4, 512 MB RAM, 80 GB hard drive)
    Processor:*1.8*GHz Intel Pentium 4
    * System Bus Speed:*400*MHz
    * Number of Processors:*1
    * RAM:*512*MB
    * RAM Type:*DDR DRAM
    * Max RAM:*1*GB
    * L2 Cache:*256*KB

    Hard Drive

    * Size:*80*GB
    * Hard Drives:*1
    * Type:*Ultra ATA

    Optical Drives, Other Mass Storage

    * CD-ROM:*40x
    * CD-RW:*24x (read), 8x (write), 4x (rewrite)
    * DVD Recorder:*DVD-RW 4x (read), 2x (write), 1x (rewrite)
    * Floppy Drive:*1.44 MB, 3.5-inch floppy disk drive
    * Combo Drive: Yes
    * Additional Drives:*Drive can read and write both CD-RW and DVD-RW discs

    * Graphics Card:*nVIDIA TNT2
    * Graphics RAM:*32*MB
    * Interface:*AGP
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    As i said in my Pm...Just try that method and get back to me...I've noticed either ya diden't get my emial or Its already fixed...

    Let us know :thumb:

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