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Thread: Why won't Windows XP install???

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    looks like there is no easy solution available. you'll have to search for a piece of hardware that is incompatible with WinXP. go through the link provided and look for that hardware.
    secondly, the reason why you did not see the option to format the HD as FAT at the time of setup is because it is by design that a partition greater than 32GB cannot be formatted as FAT while installing WinXP.
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    This is just great....... GRRRRR! :grr:

    Ok, I went to the Windows Catalog and searched for entries of all my hardware.

    The only things that didn't come up as confirmed to be Designed or Compatible with Windows XP were my:

    -ATI Radeon 9500 Pro
    -Tyan S2390B Motherboard

    Everything else, from my LG burner to my D-Link NIC had an entry.

    Now obviously, the Radeon 9500 Pro works fine under XP from all the benchmarking articles I've read that include it, so that and the fact that other Radeons (older and newer) are on the site leads me to believe the exclusion of the plain vanilla Radeon 9500 Pro is simply an oversight.

    However, it seems like I've zeroed in on my problem. My Tyan motherboard doesn't seem to be recognized by Windows XP. Ironically, I must've felt this day coming years ago when I visited a forum and asked my fellow enthusiasts why I'd never heard of "Tyan" motherboards and whether or not I should buy one. Too bad they said it was simply a lesser known mobo company and it was fine to buy one. Thanks alot guys! :shoot3:

    So, am I correct in assuming I blew $300+ for no immediate gain to my OS situation, and that the only way to install XP successfully is to buy a more recent motherboard? Or is there a more timely option I have yet to consider? Mobos ain't cheap you know.

    Anything I can do? ANYTHING!?? This really sucks!! :cry:


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    Tyan has been around for a long time and specialise in server motherboards but the prob maybe fixed with a BIOS update so head on over to Tyan and see what's available to ya.

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    I've already been to the Tyan site, making sure my BIOS was super up to date before I swapped out HDDs and attempted to install XP. I have BIOS version 1.11 with my motherboard.

    I only reason I'm using this version and not the 1.13 BIOS is because I have an Athlon XP 1700+ and the 1.13 BIOS Fixes AMD 1700+ Model 8 CPU Identification issue . I tried this BIOS before and I don't know if my 1700+ is a Model 8 or not but suddenly my CPU wasn't being detected correctly. So the v1.13 was doing more harm then good in my particular situation. Thus, I took a step back to v1.11 and no more problems.

    I very much doubt it's possible the simple CPU ID issue between v1.11 and v1.13 of my motherboards BIOS is causing my inability to install XP.

    However, I will try it if I absolutely have too.

    Any more suggestions/help?

    -Fiercest :thumb:

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    Beefy's original advice of trying fat is a simple process, and should work. Use a 98se bootdisc to erase the partition, recreate the partition and format the partition with a fat32. Then the xp setup will give you the option of formatting in fat32 as well as ntfs. Then format it in fat32(not quick) with xp setup and install xp. Get the via drivers in there at the first desktop.
    Being a system builder, I have had to do this with new machines sometimes as none of the makers of the parts wants to deal with such issues. Just recently I have determined this usually tends to happen with the non sp1 version of xp as the last 2 machines that did this, did not do it after redoing them with xp sp1.
    Since you are stuck with the disc you have, the fat option seems to be your only way.

    Have you tried all jumper settings. Or without a jumper at all?

    edit... fat32 works best with drives 40gb and smaller, but will still work with larger drives.

    Also try what prariedawg said about maxblast3, this may be the only way to get it to work with ntfs.
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    Thanks alot everyone for all the great tips/suggestions.

    I contacted Tyan technical support and some dude emailed me back with a solid sounding idea. I'm gonna try it as soon as I get a chance.

    It's times like now when I remember why I bother to join forums in the first place. :thumb:

    Thanks again guys. The next pitcher is on me. :cheers:

    : peace2: Peace.


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