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Thread: bootvis nightmare!

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    Ok here it goes, i downloaded bootvis to my computer(p4) to speed up boot time.after rebooting my comp kept rebooting and rebooting and rebooting.tried safe mode, nope it wouldn't boot in my xp pro p4.I tried safe mode, known working config, everything, it wouldn't boot.A friend of mine gave me an erd commander cd to boot and "take off" bootvis.With ERD I restored my computer to a previous day where the system was fine. did that and when i went into windows (it booted) my settings, my pictures, my documents where gone.Erd had created some backup files but could not find my pictures anywhere.I booted from erd once more to roll back the changes, but nothing!

    The weird thing is that I haven't deleted anything! my drive capacity is still the same it hasn't changed, I mean it is not more, cause the pictures I had where about 4 gigs.If they where deleted I would see c: get bigger right?

    The only way I can get to that last state where my system was constantly rebooting, is by restoring to that point only for ERD.The weirdest thing is that now it does not reboot, it boots into windows, but it looks like its in safe mode (but its not)I mean my display looks liike ****!its like 4 bit color! and I can't get it hiigher than that. and I'm still missing my "my pictures/documents".

    If someone can help a bit, it is for sure appreciated!

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    This doesn't sound good. The reason why you can't see your documents/pictures/etc. is probably because you're not logging in on the same account as you were before.

    Microsoft pulled Bootvis from their site, and haven't put it back up. This might be because certain systems like yours could have extreme problems with it.

    The best thing you could do is try doing a repair using the Recovery Console as detailed here. This might help to fix whatever system file corruption Bootvis may have caused.

    Then if you can get back into your account and get back your documents, I would recommend backing them up to CD and doing a full reformat/reinstall of Windows as I doubt things will ever be 100% again on this install of Windows.

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