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Thread: Crash Windows XP "on demand"

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    Crash Windows XP "on demand"
    How useful can an OS get?

    TWEAK XP ran a little item at the end of February which said that all you need to do to crash the robust OS was to hold down the right CTRL key, and hit the scroll lock key twice.

    You have to switch the capability on first by messing with the incredibly gruesome "registry".

    We haven't tried this at home or at work, nor will we, but if you must have a bash, cycle over to this destination.
    -the INQ

    *i'm sure some of you less-than-sane tweakers might just enjoy this one :rolleyes:
    I've gone too far and need to move on!

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    Awesome. :D
    This is even better than ending the svhost processes in task manager (stopping RPC) to get the system to shut itself down. :D
    How's this for tweaking XP?
    :shoot3: XP :hammer: :shoot2:

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    Quote Originally Posted by minibubba
    *i'm sure some of you less-than-sane tweakers might just enjoy this one :rolleyes:
    Aren't those the same ones that use XP to begin with :?:
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