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Thread: Windows XP Critical Error

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yawgm0th
    Well, what were you downloading? If you don't want to say, that's fine, but you won't get too far without doing so. But that's assuming it's a virus.

    I suppose a virus could have done this, but not too many that do that are all that common. I have no idea why a hardware failure like that would occur, either.
    I was downloading a perfectly normal-looking news clip on Kazaa... (And, to the best of my knowledge, I wasn't uploading to anyone at the time.) The SCSI drive started spinning somewhere in the middle of the download, before I had even run the file. The file finished and played quite normally, so I don't think it was the file I downloaded, though I suppose Kazaa could have left me open for an attack.

    What kind of attack could have taken out my SCSI drive though? What could have even SEEN my SCSI drive while I was in Windows XP?

    The one weird thing about it is that my files SEEM just fine (after the two or three I reported to have errors). And that Windows XP seems to boot quite normally right up until that blue screen...

    Oh well. I've ordered a new version of XP with service Pack 1 (since I can't seem to find my old disc anywhere.) So first I'll try to repair my current install and if all else fails I'll reinstall. I'd just hate to repair the thing, do a virus scan, everything checks out fine, and then my system goes down for good two weeks from now. I really want to know what could have happened. (i.e. someone logging in DIRECTLY to my system and hitting the "destruct" button. Or whatever.)

    And what virus, if any, could have caused my SCSI drive to malfunction?

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    Were you running a firewall? Kazaa could have made it much easier for crackers (erroneously refered to as hackers) to attack you. That could have done it. There are also worms that can do this. If you haven't updated XP or aren't running a firewall, that would be a likely cause. It could also be something new. It could even be just a wierd hardware failure totally independant of any software.

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    Well guys i'm sorry you're far from the truth. I had the same problem using different partitions with windows xp. The problem lies on how windows xp refers to the drive itself. I don't have found the solution yet but has to do on how windows xp accesses the disk.
    First adapter then the disknumber and as last the partition-number.
    If one disk or even a partition is 'removed' (died) then the order changed and windows xp stops loading after the welcome screen.

    If any one has the solution let us know. Thanks

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