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Thread: May sound stupid, but i need help deleting a file :P

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    Me and a friend of mine downloaded a movie file (mpg), now we cant seem to delete it, it says its in use by another program.
    Its not possible to rename it or move it either.

    The thing is i went into safe mode and managed to delete it, but my friend still cant, what does he have to do? and dont say format :P
    Its weird that i managed to remove it, but he didnt.

    The big problems is 2 things.
    1. when he open or try to do something with that file the "explorer" in the task manager acts up and uses 99% of the cpu (thats what it says anyway) and everything goes slow so a reboot is nessesary.
    2. My buddy has a laptop, so hes very selective about his hdd space (30 gigs, yay :P) so he is eager to get rid of this file (ca 700 megs, btw its The last Samuraii not porn or anything)

    He probably have to flush his memory or something, but im not that in too pcs.

    I'm on XP Pro and he is on XP home and a laptop.
    If you need more info, just say so.

    And sorry if this isnt the place to ask, but you guys have to know something about comps here.

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    I once had a similar problem. Try here.

    << Flunders >>

    Intel Celeron CPU 2.0MHz O/C'd at 2.94MHz // Coolermaster Aero 4 // Gigabyte GA-8SQ800 SiS 655 chipset // Zalman ZM-NB47J Northbridge Cooler // Leadtek Research WinFast A250 Ti4200 64MB O/C'd at 300/585 /w Zalman ZM80C-HP Silent VGA Heatpipe Cooler and Fan // OCZ 512MB (2x256MB) PC4000 Dual Channel Gold Series DDR // Maxtor DiamondMax Plus9 120GB 2MB Cache // Creative Sound Blaster Live! 5.1 Platinum // Pioneer DVD-120 Slot Load // Enlight Endura EN-7250 case // Globalwin Super Silent 22dBA 320W ATX Power Supply // Panasonic (PanaSync E70i) 17" Monitor // Wheel Mouse Optical // Cherry G83-6000 PS2 Keyboard // Creative Webcam NX PRO

    Windows XP PRO SP1

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    There are very good suggestions in that thread, be sure to check them out.

    First however try this.
    Make sure any file sharing programs you use aren't set to run (start > run > msconfig > startup) at startup and reboot. When done restarting, go start > run > cmd. From there, navigate to the file using "cd [directory]" (no quotes or brackets). First type "cd \", then navigate to the directory. When you're there, you can delete the file by typing "del [filename]". If the file name is too big or has spaces, you will have to type it like so:
    For videofilename.mpg:
    [code:1:92198b3a1a]del videof~1.mpg[/code:1:92198b3a1a]
    In other words, first 5 letters of the filename followed by ~1.ext (.ext = extension). This will change if you have files with some of the same characters beyond the sixth. Don't worry about that though.
    This is much easier than it sounds and I find it can be faster than using other methods when it works. Sometimes some of the problems described in the other thread will apply, though.

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    Ok its fixed, thx for the helpful attitudes here.

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