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Thread: Mysterious keyboard probs

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    my shift and ctrl keys on my keyboard act funny. but its not the keyboard. every keyboard i try does the same. it sort of sticks. when i am playing a game and i have ctrl or shift key assigned to a certain task.. it will just keep doing that task like im hodling it down ... but im not.
    i think it has something to do with that windows feature "sticky keys" but im not really sure.
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    .... and one more thing.. there is only one user (besides admin) acount set up on my windows xp pro and b4 it would automaticly load to the desktop... but now it goest to that user selection screen first.. anyone know how i can disable this?
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    Disregard both my questions..
    after doing a whole 2min of trouble shooting i figured it out. for the keyboard prob... its under accessibility options under the control pannel. and user acounts for the welcome screen.
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