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Thread: Portable HDD problem with WinXP. Pls help

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    Hi Friends

    I have this problem with my Cutie USB 2.0 2.5" drive using Fujitsu 40GB.

    The hdd is very laggy when i connect it to my computer. Last time I brought to a shop, the guy managed to make it work. He took just like 10mins to configure something in 'msconfig' or 'regedit' not sure and then I paid $40. I was happy it could work already.

    Then now I formatted my computer and it is back to same problem. All the video files and audio files will lag alot. For example I fast forward a song or movie, it will take almost 20seconds to continue. The easiest option would be to bring back to tt technician but i hope someone here can help me.

    My PC configuration is here

    Windows XP Pro with SP1
    P4 2.0A
    512MB RAM
    intel 845GEBV2 motheboard

    It is a clean installation of Windows. The Protable drive works fine with all other computers.

    Thanks Will Appreciate any help

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    Does it show up in the device manager? If not, I'm guessing all you need to do is install a driver for it or enable USB if that's what it plugs into.

    If all else fails, can't you just call the company that made the drive for some walk through tech support instead of throwing away $40 again. You could almost buy a new one for the amount you'd have spent if you go back to that sly rip-off artist again.

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    hello, I finally figured what the technician may have done before.

    in 'msconfig' i unchecked *Logical Disk Manager Ad...*, *Logical Disk Manager*, *Protected Storage* and *Portable Media Serial Nu...*

    When i uncheck these services, my Cutie works fine. However i do not know which in particular is causing the problem. Will i encounter any adverse effects by leaving any unchecked?

    Now That i'm 50% to solving the issue, anyone knows why only my computer is affected?

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