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Thread: preventing pages from bringing their page up to the top.

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    When I'm using cerain sites, I work on another while the other is loading. But the other one likes to pop back up to the top and screw up my typing. Is there a way to disable the page from making it teh first page open? I usually have 5-6 windows open at once.

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    Hi RP,

    U can try browser like CrazyBrowser[IE pluin], Mozilla, MyIE2 or soem other browser. It will allow u to open multiple pages on one window and also as u said. It will not interrupt the page ur previously on. Hope that helps

    Roger :)

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    IMO, Mozilla is the best thing since sliced bread. Tabbed browsing, (which fixes your problem) pop-up blocker (built in), and the download manager are all great.

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    I have Mozilla and konqueror (when running linux which is not much, still learning it). Also have Netscape and Firefox when in windows both of which have pop up block and tabs. I seen a way to stop them from making pages from teh back come up to the front by themselves, just dont remember how to do it with XP.

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